Alaskan Ice

Alaskan Ice

Strain Type : Hybrid, Sativa Dominant (70%)
Origin : Green House Seeds

THC Content : 21%
CBD Content : 0.3% - 1%
Taste & Smell :
  • fruityFruity
  • herbalHerbal
  • pungentPungent
  • sweetSweet
  • tropicalTropical
  • woodyWoody
Positive Effect :
  • cerebralCerebral
  • energeticEnergetic
  • euphoricEuphoric
  • happyHappy
  • munchiesMunchies
  • relazedRelaxed
Side Effects :
  • dry-mouthDry Mouth
  • paranoiaParanoia
Medical Applications :
Anxiety / Depression / Insomnia / Lack of Appetite / Nausea / Pain
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Lineage :  

(White Widow) x (Haze)


Alaskan Ice is a hybrid cross by Green House Seeds that combines two powerhouse strains from yesteryear. White Widow and a pure West Coast Haze were crossed and selected to create this Sativa dominant plant whose genes are truly global. Tracing its heritage from Brazil, India, Mexico, Colombia and Thailand, this strain is the result of breeders working the best traits out of landraces and combining them to make something special.


The taste and terpenes are a minty clear brisk inhale with a slight tropical fruit lingering back end.


Alaskan Ice has a reputation for being a very strong strain with high THC levels. The narcotic body buzz from the White Widow paired with the electric cerebral high from the Haze makes for a smoke that is calming, relaxing and meditative. Not for the lightweight!


Alaskan Ice has been known to be used for the treatment of nausea, vomiting, pain, and insomnia.


Alaskan Ice Is reputed to have three phenotypes. All pine tree looking, one short Indica and two branchy long stretch Sativas. Buds will vary from round and nubby to long and slender depending on phenotype but they will all be frosted with trichomes. Grown indoors she will take 63 days + and is known to be a bit finicky, sensitive to erratic feeding and swings in temperature. Outdoor she will do well if properly cared for! Resistant to mold and pests and an early finisher, she produces large plants that yield well. Additionally, it should be noted that 3% – 5% of Alaskan Ice phenotypes will express slow flowering to almost no bud development. According to Green House Seeds, they were unable to breed out this undesirable trait without affecting the overall quality of this variety.


Alaskan Ice is a strain exclusive to Greenhouse Seeds. For a relatively low price, 10 feminized seeds can be bought. If you are looking for a strain that’s quality but exotic, we reckon a keeper can surely be found in a ten pack?

Plant Height


Flowering (Indoor)

9 to 10 weeks 

Flowering (Outdoor)


Yield (Indoor)


Yield (Outdoor)

29oz to 35oz/plant

Grow Difficulty 


Seed Availability 



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