About us

We Are Bud Bible

Bud Bible was made to serve the Cannabis community and act as a reference point for all things concerning cannabis. A place to gain knowledge, exchange ideas and share experiences on all matters regarding this noble plant that holds a place that is foremost in our thoughts and actions. We offer a look at what’s happening in the nooks and crannies of the Cannabis world, both online and in the real world, in real time!

Highlighting and showcasing unsung breeders, upcoming talent, as well as established household names. Delving into the history and provenance of strains from around the Globe. Promoting and exploring the different elements and methods of cultivation and issues that pertain to them. We are a constant work in progress, always trying to stay abreast of current events so that we can share the news with you.


Our passion for Cannabis and the cultures that surround it is what drives us to deliver a fair, balanced and honest perspective on issues and topics in the Cannabis Community. We take no sides. We tell it as it is. We are here to represent everyday people who enjoy using cannabis. Nothing more, nothing less.