Swazi Gold

Swazi Gold

Strain Type : Sativa, Landrace (100%)

Origin : South African Landrace

THC Content : 14% - 18%
CBD Content : Unknown
Taste & Smell :
  • citrusCitrus
  • earthyEarthy
  • fruityFruity
  • lemonLemon
  • mangoMango
  • spicySpicy
  • sweetSweet
Positive Effect :
  • creativeCreative
  • euphoricEuphoric
  • focusedFocused
  • gigglyGiggly
  • happyHappy
  • munchiesMunchies
  • relazedRelaxed
Side Effects :
  • dizzyDizzy
  • dry-eyeDry Eyes
  • dry-mouthDry Mouth
Medical Applications :
Anorexia / Anxiety / Chronic Pain / Cramps / Depression / Fatigue / Gastrointestinal Disorder / Glaucoma / Hypertension / Lack of Appetite / Muscle Spasms / Nausea / Pain / Stress
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(Swazi Gold)


Swazi Gold is a 100% Sativa landrace originating from the mountainous region of Swaziland in Southern Africa. This landrace strain has a historic relationship with Swazi culture. Rock drawings dating back to 25,000 BC have been found depicting what appears to be cannabis plants.


This landrace exudes an aroma of sweet mango. The smoke is somewhat similar with added hints of lemon and has an earthy note on exhale.


Swazi Gold is particularly good at enhancing focus and sparking creativity. The Sativa high is warm and comforting, producing a satisfying and joyful feeling.


Medical patients suffering from fatigue and those experiencing chronic pain will find relief with this Southern African landrace.


The plants grow tall, reaching over three meters with thick, dark green and purple stems. True to her Sativa heritage, Swazi Gold takes her time flowering, averaging around twelve to fourteen weeks indoors and harvesting in late October when grown outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere. It has impressive yields, producing up to 24 ounces per square meter indoors and up to 26 ounces per plant outdoors is possible. Swazi Gold is moderately challenging to grow and perhaps best left to the more experienced grower. Like many landrace strains, Swazi Gold is a resilient plant that adapts its growth to most climates, from tropical to temperate. The resinous nugs have bright orange and fiery red hairs feathered through them and sparkle with frosty trichomes.


For those wanting to grow their own Swazi Gold plants, don’t worry as there’s no need to book a trip to the African continent, the seeds for this beautiful plant are available from Seeds of Africa and a few other reputable online distributors.

Plant Height


Flowering (Indoor)

12 to 14 weeks

Flowering (Outdoor)

Late October 

Yield (Indoor)


Yield (Outdoor)


Grow Difficulty 


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