Sour Kush

Sour Kush

Strain Type : Hybrid, Indica Dominant (70%)

Origin : DNA Genetics (Reserva Privada)

THC Content : 15% - 25%
CBD Content : 0.3%
Taste & Smell :
  • citrusCitrus
  • dieselDiesel
  • lemonLemon
  • pungentPungent
  • sourSour
  • spicySpicy
Positive Effect :
  • euphoricEuphoric
  • focusedFocused
  • gigglyGiggly
  • happyHappy
  • munchiesMunchies
  • relazedRelaxed
  • upliftedUplifted
Side Effects :
  • dizzyDizzy
  • dry-eyeDry Eyes
  • dry-mouthDry Mouth
Medical Applications :
ADD/ADHD / Anorexia / Arthritis / Bipolar Disorder / Chronic Pain / Depression / Fatigue / Headaches / Insomnia / Lack of Appetite / Migraines / Nausea / Pain / PTSD / Stress
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Lineage :  

(Sour Diesel) x (OG Kush)


Sour Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid that was created by DNA Genetics. She is a cross of two potent heavy hitters, Sour Diesel and OG Kush.


This strains buds are extremely pungent with a predominant lemony citrus aroma. Once blazed, expect an equally pungent combination of diesel and citrus notes with hints of spice on the aftertaste.


Sour Kush has a long-lasting, clear-headed high that’s well balanced with a deep relaxing vibe to the body. Sour Kush’s heavy Indica qualities make her a well-suited strain for enjoying during the evening.


Medically, she has been known to be beneficial in helping those suffering from migraines, chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia.


This strain is considered a relatively easy plant to cultivate. She grows medium height with minimal branching, although some outlying phenotypes do produce slightly taller plants with more Sativa influence. She is well suited for the Sea of Green method of cultivation (SOG) and also displays a strong resistance to mold. Indoor growers should expect a flowering time of around ten weeks. While outdoors she is ready for harvest from early to mid-October when grown in the Northern Hemisphere.


Sour Kush genetics are available for purchase in feminized form directly from DNA Genetics’ website and other authorized online vendors.

Plant Height


Flowering (Indoor)

10 weeks

Flowering (Outdoor)

Early October

Yield (Indoor)

16oz to 18oz/m2

Yield (Outdoor)

22oz to 29oz/plant

Grow Difficulty 


Seed Availability 



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