Double Dream

Double Dream

Strain Type : Hybrid, Sativa Dominant (90%)

Origin : Unknown Breeder

THC Content : 26%
CBD Content : 0.1%
Taste & Smell :
  • berryBerry
  • citrusCitrus
  • earthyEarthy
  • herbalHerbal
  • sweetSweet
  • tropicalTropical
Positive Effect :
  • creativeCreative
  • energeticEnergetic
  • euphoricEuphoric
  • happyHappy
  • munchiesMunchies
  • upliftedUplifted
Side Effects :
  • dry-eyeDry Eyes
  • dry-mouthDry Mouth
Medical Applications :
Anorexia / Anxiety / Arthritis / Chronic Pain / Depression / Fatigue / Gastrointestinal Disorder / Headaches / Lack of Appetite / Migraines / Pain / PTSD
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Lineage :  

(Blue Dream) x (Dream Star)


Double Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid whose history and origin are unknown. The general consensus is that she is a cross of Blue Dream and Dream Star (Blue Dream x Stardawg).


Her buds are fruity and floral with hints of earthy spice and a distinct blueberry edge. Once blazed, she has a bouquet that is a sweet and spicy blend with soft, creamy fruity berries.


Double Dream is renowned for her creeping, calm and mellow high; and warm comforting sensations with no intense cerebral effects. Ideal for those prone to anxiety or for people new to cannabis. Her gentle effects are cerebrally stimulating in a calm manner, inducing a hazy dream-like state.


Medically, Double Dream has been noted for her ability to effectively help treat pain. Those suffering from eating disorders can also benefit as she can be good medicine for getting your appetite back.


Double Dream is considered a moderately difficult strain to grow. She grows tall with lateral branching that reaches up to compete with her central cola. Her buds are light green, thick and heavy with bluish/purple hues. She is a resilient strain with strong resistance to mold, powdery mildew and moisture. Double Dream responds well to topping and super cropping for increased yields. Indoors, she has a flowering period of seven to eight weeks and can yield up to 26 ounces per square meter under the right conditions. Outdoors, this strain is ready for harvest by late September when grown in the Northern Hemisphere.


For those interested in obtaining Double Dream genetics it should be noted that this is a clone-only strain.

Plant Height


Flowering (Indoor)

7 to 8 weeks 

Flowering (Outdoor)

Late September

Yield (Indoor)


Yield (Outdoor)


Grow Difficulty 


Seed Availability 



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