Cherry OG

Cherry OG

Strain Type : Hybrid (50%)

Origin : Emerald Triangle Seeds

THC Content : 19% - 23%
CBD Content : 1%
Taste & Smell :
  • berryBerry
  • cherryCherry
  • dieselDiesel
  • earthyEarthy
  • lemonLemon
  • sourSour
  • sweetSweet
Positive Effect :
  • cerebralCerebral
  • creativeCreative
  • energeticEnergetic
  • euphoricEuphoric
  • happyHappy
  • munchiesMunchies
  • relazedRelaxed
  • socialSocial
  • upliftedUplifted
Side Effects :
  • dry-eyeDry Eyes
  • dry-mouthDry Mouth
Medical Applications :
ADD/ADHD / Anxiety / Bipolar Disorder / Depression / Headaches / Lack of Appetite / Migraines / Nausea / Pain / PTSD / Stress

Lineage :  

(Cherry Thai x Afghani) x (Lost Coast OG)


Cherry OG is a well-balanced 50/50 hybrid with genuine pedigree. This top-shelf cannabis strain is the creation of Emerald Triangle Seeds. It’s a sweet-tasting strain that can sometimes be confused with Cherry Kush. However, this hybrid is a three-way cross of Cherry Thai, Afghani and Lost Coast OG.


You can recognize Cherry OG by its distinctive and robust aroma of diesel with hints of sweet cherries and a bit of bitter lemon from her Lost Coast OG roots. The smoke itself has a berry taste with earthy undertones. Some phenotypes offer a different variation with a slight blueberry scent mixed with petrol and cherries.


Cherry OG is a good daytime smoke that won’t leave you snoozing on the job and will keep you chatty and social. Beware though, this strain is strong and if you don’t respect its power it can lead to an overwhelming experience!


Medically it has been used to aid patients with anxiety, depression and PTSD. Cherry OG raises mood, reduces stress and helps relieve pain. Additionally, because it won’t knock you out, it can assist ADHD sufferers by keeping them on track.


Cherry OG flowers are lush dark green with patches of orange rust-colored pistils and sparkling with trichomes. The buds are medium-sized, dense, and tightly packed with a broad base and conical shape, pointy at the top and reminiscent of mini Christmas trees. These buds are very sticky and resinous, breaking them up with a quality grinder is usually a good idea. The plants are easy to grow and have a nine to ten week flowering period. Cherry OG can yield up to 12 ounces per square meter indoors and around 14 ounces per plant outdoor is doable. Growers can expect tall lanky plants that display vigorous growth throughout the vegetive stage. This strain responds well to a steady uptake of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium.


Regular and feminized seeds are obtainable direct from Emerald Triangle Seeds’ website and other reputable online vendors.

Plant Height


Flowering (Indoor)

9 to 10 weeks 

Flowering (Outdoor)

Early October 

Yield (Indoor)


Yield (Outdoor)


Grow Difficulty 


Seed Availability 



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