Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica

Strain Type : Hybrid, Indica Dominant (90%)

Origin : Nirvana Seeds

THC Content : 14% - 17%
CBD Content : 0.1% - 1%
Taste & Smell :
  • earthyEarthy
  • hashHash
  • herbalHerbal
  • kushKush
  • pepperPepper
  • pungentPungent
  • spicySpicy
  • sweetSweet
Positive Effect :
  • euphoricEuphoric
  • happyHappy
  • munchiesMunchies
  • relazedRelaxed
  • sedatedSedated
  • sleepySleepy
Side Effects :
  • dry-mouthDry Mouth
Medical Applications :
Chronic Pain / Depression / Inflammation / Insomnia / Lack of Appetite / Muscle Spasms / Pain / Stress
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Lineage :  

(Afghani) x (Northern Lights)


Aurora Indica is a 90% Indica dominant hybrid that was created by Nirvana Seeds in Holland. This heavy-hitting variety is a mix of Afghani landrace genetics and Northern Lights.


Aurora Indica produces compact uniform plants that stay short and display minimal stretch during early flowering. This easy-to-grow strain has thick leaves, short internodal spacing and yields super dense golf-ball sized buds. She is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and requires minimal maintenance throughout her lifespan. This strain has an indoor flowering period of nine to eleven weeks and is ready for harvest by October when grown outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere. Due to this strain’s dense structure, periodic pruning is advised in order to increase air circulation and minimize the possibility of mold-related issues. Lastly, this highly resinous strain is ideal for hash and oil extractions.


For those wishing to acquire Aurora Indica genetics, feminized seeds are available for purchase directly from Nirvana Seeds’ website.

Plant Height


Flowering (Indoor)

9 to 11 weeks

Flowering (Outdoor)


Yield (Indoor)

14oz to 17oz/m2

Yield (Outdoor)


Grow Difficulty 


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