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The Ultimate Guide to SOG

The Ultimate Guide to SOG

When the sky’s the limit in terms of plant count, there’s no better method than Sea of Green. Read along to understand everything there is to know about the ever-popular SOG method and how you can harness it to your advantage.

What is SOG?

The SOG method, also known as Sea of Green, is a popular technique that typically involves many clones. The reason why clones are used is that the SOG technique relies on an even canopy among all plants.

The Sea of Green technique can entail 10-1,000-plants – or more. The idea behind this method revolves around the tops of each individual plant. The apical portion of the plant (i.e., the dominant branch) typically produces the largest flowers since it receives the most light.

Since the Sea of Green encompasses a multitude of clones, the canopy will be even, and each plant will produce a large dominant flower.


The Benefits of SOG

SOG growing is beneficial for those that are not limited to a plant count. When it comes to the Sea of Green – the more, the merrier. Let’s take a look at the benefits of SOG.

Flowering In The Fast Lane

Since cannabis cultivators that use SOG don’t need to wait for additional branches to grow, the entire flowering cycle can be initiated quickly. This means SOG growers enjoy a rapid turnaround time compared to other specialized methods, such as the ScrOG technique.

More Discreet

In general, SOG cannabis plants are much smaller than traditionally-grown cannabis plants because they are flowered solely for their apical bud. Furthermore, each clone used within a SOG setup is sexually mature, which means they can be flowered immediately.

Large Yield That’s Easy to Trim

There’s no doubt about it – trimming cannabis plants grown in the SOG technique is easy to trim. Since your sole focus is on the uppermost buds, you won’t need to worry about popcorn buds found in traditionally-grown cannabis plants. Instead, you can focus your trimming efforts on plump buds that you can trim in a snap.

Why Use Clones For SOG

When it comes to producing an efficient SOG setup, it’s best to implement cannabis clones. Let’s take a look at why.

Clones are essential for a SOG setup because they allow for an even canopy. Furthermore, each plant will grow the same, which takes out the guesswork when compared to growing different cannabis strains.

Since each clone is sexually mature, your SOG setup can be flowered immediately. This means that you don’t have to waste time on an extensive vegetative stage. This lack of a long vegetative stage means your Sea of Green setup won’t turn into a full-on jungle.

What Strains Are Best For SOG?

Not all cannabis strains are created equal, which is why not all strains are ideal for SOG. In this case, it’s best to use cannabis plants that do not bush out, but instead, produce a single dominant apical flower.

Furthermore, it helps when you choose a cannabis strain that is known to grow small and compact.

How to Set Up a SOG Grow

Now that you’re ready to harness the power of the SOG technique let’s take a look at the necessary steps.

Step 1

Measure your grow space. Estimate how many cannabis clones you’ll use and how big they will be once they are flowering. This is essential so you can maximize your yield.

Step 2

Take clones from a single mother plant. Ensure that the mother is already sexually mature. It’s also essential that each cutting is roughly the same size.

Step 3

Wait until each clone is rooted and do your best to make sure that they are growing evenly. You do not want some of the clones outgrowing the others. If you notice certain clones are receiving more light than others, make sure to rotate the clones.

Step 4

Place clones into the flowering room and set your lights to 12/12. Monitor the first two weeks to manage the stretch. If clones in the outer edge of the grow space are growing taller than the rest because they are reaching for more light, rotate these under the lamp to keep them from becoming large and lanky.

Step 5

The Sea of Green technique allows you to cram many plants into the grow space. However, ensure that your humidity levels and indoor ventilation is functioning properly. By doing so, you’ll decrease the risk of mold and pests.

Step 6

Once your plants are ready - it’s harvest time. Although there will be small “popcorn” buds on the lateral branches, you’ll spend the majority of your time harvesting the uppermost flowers.

Turn Your Grow Room Into a Sea of Green

By using this SOG guide, you’ll discover the benefits of growing in the Sea of Green style. There’s no better option than SOG when you don’t have a plant limit and when you utilize clones that generate an apically-dominant flower.

After your trimming party, you’ll be shocked by your final yield. After your SOG experience, you’ll never second guess the power of small cannabis plants ever again.