Sea of Green


The Ultimate SOG Growing Guide

The Ultimate SOG Growing Guide

When the height of your belly becomes the only limit on the number of plants you can plant. There is probably no better way to answer your questions than the SOG method.

What is SOG?

SOG, Sea of Green as its full name, is a popular growing technique and clones are heavily involved in this method. The reason for using the clone plant in this method It is because of this technique it is necessary to make the leaf lines of all the plants even.

This technique can allow you to cram 10-10,000 trees or more. Basically, this method focuses on the top of each plant (the main branch), which is the part that produces the largest flowers because it receives the most light.

Because the SOG method only uses clones. thus making the leaf line equal and each plant produces large, distinctive flowers.

Advantages of doing SOG

The SOG method of growing is ideal for growers who are not limited by the amount of planting. And when it comes to SOG, the more you grow, the more you enjoy. Let’s see the advantages.

Get into the flowering period faster

With this method of cultivation We don’t have to wait for the tree to produce more branches than it should. The flower production process can therefore occur faster. This means that growers who choose to use this technique will enjoy the rapidity in the tree’s life cycle. Compared to other growing methods such as ScrOG

More careful

In general, trees grown with this technique are shorter than those grown with conventional methods. Because it is intended to create the top bouquet only. What’s more, these plants are all grown up and ready to flower.

A giant yield that easily trims the leaves.

Obviously, SOG-grown pruning is very easy. as you only have to focus on the top bouquet So you don’t need to worry about the bottom flowers. found only when planting with conventional methods So you can put in the effort to create a huge flower knowing that trimming your leaves will be as quick and easy as snapping your fingers.

Why do you choose to use clones? SOG

In order to build a quality SOG system, using clones is what we recommend. Let’s see why.

Clones are important in SOG planting because they can produce a consistent foliage line. Moreover, each plant grows the same way. which eliminates the problem of having to compare each species out of the way.

Each clone plant is already in the maturation stage, so your SOG can immediately adjust to the flowering stage. This means you won’t have to spend time on blade processing, and it means your SOG won’t become a forest full of holes.

Which breed is best suited for SOG?

Each strain of cannabis is created differently. Do it so some cultivars are not suitable for SOG. In this case it is best to choose cultivars that do not grow too sparsely and can produce flowers on a single shoot.

On the other hand, choosing a cultivar that is stated to be low-growing and requires less space will help make your setting more efficient.

How to install the SOG system

Now that you are ready to embrace the power of the SOG technique, let’s go over the important steps.


Step 1

Measure the size of your planting area. Estimate the number of clones and their size when they are in bloom. This is very necessary. In order to grow to get the right yield.


Step 2

Take the clone from only one parent plant. and must check to make sure that the mother plant has told the gender And another thing that is very necessary is to cut the branches to clone in the same size.


Step 3

Wait for the roots to grow into the ground and make every effort to grow evenly. You don't want some clones to grow bigger than their friends. If you're sure one plant is getting too much light, move another plant to get more light. And keep doing this.


Step 4

Bring the clones into the flower room and set the lights to 12/12. Check each tree's stretch for the first 2 weeks. It means the tree is trying to stretch to catch the light. Move them under the fire to keep them from stretching further than they should.


Step 5

This method of planting allows you to cram a large number of plants into your planting area. however You'll want to keep a close eye on humidity levels and ventilation in the grow room. If you can, reduce the risk of pests and mold.


Step 6

When your tree is ready It's time to harvest. It may have some small inflorescences at the bottom but you will spend most of your harvest time on the top ones.

Turn your planting room into a sea of lush greenery.

By using the SOG planting guide, you will discover the many benefits of growing this style. There is no better way if you don’t have a limit on the number of trees. And when you use these clones, they produce unique flowers.

After you finished trimming You will be shocked by your productivity. After trying this method, you will never dare to invaluate a small cannabis plant again.