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When You Should Use the Screen of Green Method

There are certain scenarios that call for the Screen of Green method. Let’s take a look at each.

 In any country or state that allows individuals to grow their own cannabis, there’s usually a maximum number of marijuana plants that you’re allowed to cultivate. In the United States, that number ranges from 6-12.

If you’re limited on plant count, then it’s recommended to use the ScrOG method. The ScrOG technique allows growers to make a single plant look like 2-4 plants. This is because the canopy is bushed out and extended, which creates a plethora of bud sites.

By using the Screen of Green method, your 6-plant limit may look like hundreds of plants, when in fact, it’s only a handful.

A limit of space is also another prime reason to use the Screen of Green method. When you’re limited in space, you may only have room for one plant. In this case, it’s best to get the biggest bang for your buck by using the ScrOG method. 

Since the ScrOG method is based on branch manipulation, you can make your single plant as wide or short as you’d like. 

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Everything You Need to Know About ScrOG

Everything You Need to Know About ScrOG

There are a multitude of different techniques that cannabis cultivators utilize to increase their final yield. However, various factors within your grow space determine which of these specialized techniques you’ll use. Today, we’ll cover the Screen of Green technique, which represents the idea that less is more.

Read along to understand everything there is to know about the Screen of Green method and how to implement it into your cannabis operation.

What is ScrOG?

ScrOG, also known as the screen of green method, is a specialized technique that’s meant to increase your yield while reducing your overall resource consumption. The basic idea behind the ScrOG technique is to place a multitude of branches within a pre-constructed netting, which allows the entire plant to grow evenly.

The netting keeps the branches in line, which makes for an even canopy. This is where the name comes from because the end result is a screen that’s covered in the green leaves of your marijuana plant.

The ScrOG technique is ideal for limited space and plant count. However, it’s also ideal for those who want an organized grow room with even canopies.

The primary function of the ScrOG technique is to retain an even canopy on a single plant. Remember, the ScrOG method is meant for a single plant – unlike the SOG technique.

The even canopy allows for a multitude of branches to receive an abundance of light. When growing a cannabis plant without the ScrOG method, the cannabis plant will grow with a single dominant branch, known as the apical branch.

By making all branches apically-dominant, the ScrOG technique enables cultivators with a method that produces massive flowers on each branch.

How to ScrOG Like a Pro

Now that you understand the basics of ScrOG let’s take a look at how you can implement this technique into your garden.

Step 1

Once your cannabis plant has grown up to its third node, you can top it. Topping is a fancy word for cutting something off. In this case, you must cut the point directly above a node and below the newly growing node. By doing so, you’ll produce two apically-dominant tops.

Not only does this method create two tops, but it stimulates enhanced growth on lower branches and slows down vertical growth.

Step 2

Top each of the two new apically-dominant branches. By doing so, you’ll turn your two tops into four. Normally, four is an adequate number to start with, especially since the lower branches should have caught up to these four branches by now. ​

Step 3

Construct a net. This is easily accomplished with the help of PVC. Depending on the size of your cannabis plant, construct a square out of the PVC. It’s best if you use the connector joints to also create a stand that will support the overall ScrOG system.

Step 4

Place the netting within the PVC square. The netting should have squares that allow you to tuck in branches easily.

Step 5

Place the ScrOG net above your cannabis plant. Once the first branches reach the net, begin to tuck them into the squares. Do this until you’ve filled your net with individual branches.

Step 6

Once the net is filled with branches, you’ll need to ensure that the canopy is even. If you have one branch that is taller than the rest, then it defeats the purpose of the entire system.

Step 7

Once the canopy is even, it’s time to begin the flowering stage. Switch to 12/12 and watch your cannabis plant bloom with an even canopy.

The Benefits of ScrOG

Aside from being an excellent method for those with limited space and plant count, ScrOG is incredibly helpful in reducing electricity, nutrient, and substrate costs.

There’s no better time than now to become acquainted with this tried-and-true method to produce a bumper crop harvest with fewer plants.