Screen of Green


When you should use the ScrOG method

There are a few factors that will make you call for such a technique. Let’s see what’s coming up.

Countries and states that allow cannabis cultivation often come with a limit on the maximum number that can be grown. which in America can be planted from 6-12 trees

If you have limitations in terms of the amount that can be planted We recommend using this method, which is the ScrOG method. It allows growers to make a single plant look like 2-4 plants. which produces a very high yield

That way, your 6 marijuana plants might look like 100 marijuana plants, but they’re actually just a handful.

Space constraints are another major reason for using ScrOG as a helper. Speaking of space constraints, You may only have one plant for one plant.

Since this method depends on how to bend the branches in the way we want. no matter how wide or how low it is


Everything you need to know about ScrOG

Everything You Need to Know About ScrOG

There are actually several ways to increase your yield, but certain factors in your grow room will determine how much. Which method is right for you? And today, the content will cover the ScrOG technique, which is an idea that can be called less, but more.

Let’s read the details and understand all about it. And use it in your planting process at all.

What is ScrOG?

ScrOG, or its full name, Screen of Green, is a special cannabis cultivation technique that The purpose of this technique is to increase productivity and reduce resource consumption. The idea of this method is to bend the branches to make Raka sell out along the net. which will cause the entire plant to grow to the same size.

The net will hold the branches in a row. and it will make the leaf line be consistent and equal This is where the name of the technique comes from. Because in the end your grow room will look like a curtain full of green leaves covering the net.

Although this technique will meet the needs of having limited space. but still It is also ideal for those who want to arrange your planting room in a uniform and even manner across all foliage lines.

The main function of this technique is to maintain the uniformity of the leaf ridges of a single plant. Remember that this method is only for one plant. Unlike the SOG technique.

Having even leaf lines will allow each branch to receive the amount of light it deserves. When growing cannabis without this method The plant usually grows with a single top branch.

by making every branch produce a bouquet of every branch This technique allows cultivators to produce large cannabis flowers. on every branch.

How to Use the ScrOG Technique Like a Pro

Now that you understand the basic details of this technique. Let’s see how you can apply this technique to your garden.


Step 1

Once your tree has grown to its third leg, it's time to top it. Top is a beautiful word for cutting. In this case, you'll want to make a cut just above the joint. and the lower point of the newly sprouted joint By doing so, you will be able to create a bouquet of two peaks. Not only will this method make two peaks. It also accelerates the growth of the lower branches and slows the growth of the plant.


Step 2

Repeat the same process for both tops from the previous method. and after this Instead of two peaks, it will become four peaks. Usually just four peaks are enough. Because the lower branches should grow to the same size as the four tops.


Step 3

Create a net. This will be easier if you use PVC. Create a square stabilizer and measure it depending on the size of your tree. It's a good idea to get a couple of adapters to make a stand that will support your entire ScrOG system.


Step 4

Stretch the net over the PVC trellis and the net should have a square hole large enough for you to insert the branches.


Step 5

The net shall be placed above the tree after the first branch has reached the net and begin to insert each branch into each hole of the net until it is filled.


Step 6

After the branches are already in the net. You need to make sure that all leaf lines are even. If there are branches that are higher than your friends It would go against the purpose of this system entirely.


Step 7

When the leaves are equal It's time to adjust the morning light during flowering. Turn the lights to 12/12 and watch your marijuana grow evenly.

The advantages of the ScrOG technique

In addition to that This technique is great for those who have limited space and number of plants. Cut down on nutrient consumption and most of your expenses.

And there would be no better time to start using this method than now to produce amazing produce from a few trees.